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Say hello to Business Toybox.

The tool / game that helps you understand your business models and discover new ones

Business Toybox Helps You Come Up With Better Ideas and Better Business Models

Business Toybox is a tool, it's a game, it's a mix of both, and it let's you take you and your team's ideas and come up with interesting and effective ways to play with them to help you discover what's powerful about them, what their weaknesses are, and how with a little bit of tweaking you can come up with ideas that are completely different.

How It Works

Map Out Your Business Model

You and your team probably have a pretty complex idea of how your present (or future) business operates, or maybe you don't. Regardless, with Business Toybox you capture the key facets of your business using these little things called Tokens and map them out onto a board that shows what role they play and how they interact with other tokens. In 5 - 30 minutes you'll have all the parts laid out.

For those of you familiar with the Business Model Canvas, we're using that, only with way fewer post-it notes and more color!

Test Ideas With Sprints

Once you have everything laid out in the form of tokens, you can create tests for the group to run designed to test assumptions and answer questions. We actually have a name for them, they're called Sprints.

Maybe you think your target demographic for a product you're making is middle-aged moms, but you're not 100% positive. Perhaps you're wondering what would happen if you got rid of the fixed price for your services and instead let people pay whatever they wanted. Could it be possible that an email newsletter is the missing piece of your business necessary to reduce customer churn?

Questions like these are what Sprints are for. Once you formulate the question you're trying to find an answer to, you and your team will be a given a special area to collect pieces of evidence and discuss the things they've learned. After a set amount of time, you can review over everything and determine how things went, whether the focused efforts of your team answered any questions, and what all this means to your model as it currently stands.

Keep An Archive Of Your Changes

Once you've finished a sprint and have gained some valuable insight on your idea, you can move around tokens as necessary, change tiny little details about them, or remove them all together and replace new ones, all to reflect the new reality of your model.

When you do so, Business Toybox keeps a record of these changes, one that lasts from the very creation of your model, all the way up until it's end. You can go back and look at these changes, maybe even create an entirely new model based off an older one and use it to answer certain "what ifs" that have been bothering you for some time.



Start At

$12 / Month

For a team of 3 people, then an additional $10 a month per user, with unlimited models.


Start At

$100 $50 / Year

For a team of 3 people, than an additional $100 a year per user, with unlimited models.

This offer lasts until August 24th, 2017

Not sure you're ready to pay just yet? Don't sweat it, Business Toybox comes with a 7 day trial, with an option to extend it further.