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Say hello to Business Toybox.

The tool / game that helps you understand your business models and discover new ones

Business Toybox Helps You Come Up With Better Ideas and Better Business Models

Business Toybox is a tool, it's a game, it's a mix of both. It let's you take you and your team's ideas and come up with interesting and effective ways to play with them to help you discover what's powerful about them, what their weaknesses are, and how with a little bit of tweaking you can come up with ideas that are completely different.

How To Make Something Incredible

Step 1: Pick Out A Canvas

Toybox uses these things called canvases to map out complex ideas, such as your business model. We offer multiple canvases, such as the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Canvas, to offer users alternative methods to think about their business model and discover how to make it better.

We're also cooking up some exciting new canvases to work out specific industries (game development and non-profits) as well as activities that go beyond thinking about how to structure a business model.

Step 2: Add A Ton Of Tokens

Tokens are how we think about specific ideas in the wider world of our business models. It's kinda like a flash card or a sticky note, except that it's much more visual, among other things, which is what allows you to capture a lot of information without getting lost in the noise of glazing over the details

Step 3: Sprint Like You Mean It

Next up is the Sprint. Think of it almost like a game you play inside Business Toybox.

The rules are pretty simple. You come up with some sort of question you'd like to answer, or maybe a problem you'd like to solve, or some other thing that requires a bit of concentrated effort on the part of you and the team. Next, you pick out the amount of time you'd like to work on it. Then, you and your team head out and sprint, working as fast as possible to collect things that help you answer your question or solve your problem. For many, this would mean customer feedback on an element of their business model that appears hazy.

Once the sprint is done, you and your team reflect on the sprint, see if the problem has been solved or the question answered, and vote on whether or not it strengthened your business model, as well as if certain parts of the model need to be changed. Don't worry, weakening your models is a necessary part of growth that everyone goes through.

Once you're finished, you get a chance to do it all over again. You can do this as many times as you'd like, gaining a better understanding of how your model works in the process.



Start At

$12 / Month

For a team of 3 people, then an additional $10 a month per user, with unlimited models.


Start At

$50 / Year

For a team of 3 people, than an additional $50 a year per user, with unlimited models.

Not sure you're ready to pay just yet? Don't sweat it, Business Toybox comes with a 14 day trial, with an option to extend it further.