Tokens were one of the very first things inside Business Toybox. Naturally, they’ve gone through a bit of an evolution since then. Crazy as this may sound, they used to be 3D. It may sound impressive, and it kinda was at first, but mostly they looked very…“rough” back then. Over time they lost a dimension and began to look more like stickers (that was a conscious effort on my part). Then came the introduction of the idea of “List Tokens”, and with them the notion of different types of Tokens capable of doing different things.

Now, there’s a third type of tokens. If you haven’t already guessed from the title, they’re called Block Tokens.

An Orderly Type Of Token

Block Tokens are different from normal Tokens (which I also call Round Tokens) and List Tokens due to the way you can order them. Normal Tokens don’t really have any rules or order to them when it comes to placement provided you place them in a Panel. List Tokens are, well, designed to be ordered into a list. Block Tokens are designed to be placed into a grid.

At the moment, grids are designed to automatically grow and expand to fill as much of their panels as possible, while leaving some room for the name and the buttons that are used for editing panels. In the future, you’ll be able to fine-tune the grid and the rules it goes by. For now though, I didn’t want to get too caught up in a dizzying array of buttons and knobs.

Placing a Block Token onto the grid isn’t all that different then placing any other Token. Just drag and drop. The only new rule is that the Token has to go into one of those spots with the grey dashed lines.

Notice how there’s no name for this Token. That’s intentional. A panel filled with Block Tokens simply doesn’t have any room for Token names. Instead, just hover over the Token to get it’s name. Don’t do that just yet however. Honestly, I haven’t quite gotten around to that part. For now you’ll just have to guess from the icons alone and Inspect to get a closer look if that doesn’t work.

Where To Get Your Own Block Tokens

For now, Block Tokens are only available under a special type of Canvas/Blueprint known as the Blank Canvas. You can find it under the newly designed Canvas creation page.

Blank Canvases, as the name implies, have absolutely nothing on them. Because of that, we’ve ranked these as being very complex since you have to create everything yourself. Still, they hold a lot of potential for wants and needs that aren’t quite satisfied by pre-existing Canvases on Business Toybox.

Once you’ve picked out this Canvas, you’ll be asked to customize it. From here, you can pick out what sort of Tokens you want to use. You can use the Block Tokens we just talked about earlier, or use Round or List Tokens. I’d honestly hold off on List Tokens for now, since they still have a few issues to work out.

New Block Token Potentials

I’ll be honest with you, Block Tokens aren’t all that interesting just yet. Right now I’m using them to gradually organize my collection of notes, but I have to admit they still have their shortcomings in that area. I’ll need to add a bit more polish before they get really good at that.

Besides organization, one other interesting thing Block Tokens will be good at eventually is acting like buttons. That’s right, buttons. Click on one and it kinda looks like it’s being pressed in. Now of course, right now there’s absolutely nothing interesting you could do with Tokens that look like buttons. That’s why in the next Business Toybox update I’ll be talking a feature that can be used to make Block Tokens act like buttons.