Silly as this may sound, I think my biggest regret about Business Toybox is the fact that it never had a beginning, what you might call a “day one”. Of course, that’s not entirely true. What really happened is that I simply forgot to write down the date that I first began working on Business Toybox. Why should I? Most programmers work on a multitude of “side-projects” that carry on for a bit before ultimately being abandoned. It wasn’t until I won an online contest that I decided this time would be different. For that reason, I decided that a convenient Business Toybox anniversary should be marked by the day I found out I won said contest, on November 18th 2015.

Then again, I still can’t remember if that’s the precise date, and to be honest I’m too lazy to look.

A while back I started working on some new changes to Business Toybox. These changes built on the work for Kanban Canvases, but did so in a pretty crazy way. I realized that Business Toybox looked and felt very different now. I also realized, after much thought, that the changes I was introducing were conflicting with some of the old features and ideas I had from the past. I couldn’t simply add new floors. I would have to rework the foundation.

If that was the case, then I decided that I might as well just make up a new day one. The old day one was made up anyway, so making up a second day one seemed alright. This time I’d do things differently, I’d write down the date, but I’d also do other things that I wish I had done in hindsight.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m making the new day one today, June 7th. Just enough time to move certain important pieces into place. Plus, I figure today must be especially lucky. If Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky, ominous day, then surely Friday the 7th must be a particularly lucky one.

I actually don’t have any feature announcements to tell you about, just a teaser from the image above. If you want to know what I’m really on about, you’ll simply have to wait until Monday.